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Be directive - This is your experience, your story, and your Guide.  Feel free to skip questions while in the midst of a conversation either by using the ‘next question’ button or by first explaining what you’d like to discuss, and then advancing with the ‘next question button.’  You can ask to avoid certain topics, or be prescriptive in what you want to talk about in the conversation.  You can even tell the Guide what question you’d like to follow up with at the end of an answer.  This is your personal journey to discover, preserve, and tell the most important memories in your inner space.


Ideas for directive discussion

  • “I’d love to discuss my grandmother and what she means to me”
  • “Let’s talk about what I saw in the news today.  It reminded me of where I grew up.”
  • “Can we not talk about medical issues?”
  • “After I’m finished telling you about my childhood home, I want to tell a story I just remembered about the baseball field at the school next door.”

Create Topics - Creating topics in your Memory Vault helps you organize your biographical information and often brings up more and more memories to share.  Try adding a few people and places, even if you don’t have much to discuss initially, and let the Guide find interesting questions you can answer.

Creating stories in the Studio - After talking about a topic for some time, try generating a story about it in your Studio by selecting either a letter directed to a person, or a story about  a specific memory.  The Guide will work with your different interviews to craft a beautiful story of your chosen topic.  You can always create multiple stories for the same topic if you’d like to see different creative angles for how the story is written.  Your yearly subscription includes ten letters to loved ones, and ten stories about important topics in your life.  Each can be generated in the studio, including editing as well as a personalized introduction and conclusion.

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